Tuesdays at the Castle


There is a castle that changes something about itself every Tuesday. It is a magical castle, and is respected by those who reside in it. They are better know as the Glower Family. King Glower the 79th, Queen Celina, and their children Bran, Lilah, Rolf, and Celie live in Castle Glower and rule the kingdom. Their life has always been peaceful and happy, and really quite normal. Things can’t always be that way though. When it came time for the king and queen to leave and get their son Bran from the College of Wizardry it seemed like the day was going to go like any other, but when the Royal Carriage arrives in front of the palace it looks as if it has been attacked- and that isn’t far from the truth.

Only the sergeant has returned, and he has terrible news. He talks about how the group was attacked in a pass on the way back to the castle. There was dead bodies everywhere. All that was left was a part of the queen’s gown, and the king’s ring. The only assumption that was made was that Bran, the king and queen were dead. This shocks the children of Castle Glower. It seems that they have lost half their family in one fell swoop, but the children are hopeful. It feels like the castle is sending them signs that their parents are not.

When they try to show other officials in the castle no one will listen to them. After some investigating the kids find out that their father’s own council was committing treason in order to put an exiled prince who was power hungry on to the throne. Along with that other kingdoms have come to take an assessment of how strong everyone in Castle Glower is, and see if they are susceptible to any attacks.The kids of Castle Glower have a huge obstacle in front of them, can they defeat it and keep their beloved castle?


This book is a 10 out of 10. I never get tired of rereading it. Every single time I read it  just whisks me on an adventure with twists, turns, suspense, and laughter. This book is part of a series. I don;t know how long the author wants it to be considering she hasn’t released all of them. Each book in the series is named after the days of the week following Tuesday. If you haven’t read this series yet, you are missing out on an amazing read.


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