The Ascendance Trilogy


If you enjoy adventure, betrayal, war, trickery, mystery, and comedy then this is the book for you. The trilogy revolves around a boy named Sage, who is not exactly who he seems to be. When big problems come face to face with Sage he has to go on an adventure unlike any other. The series has three books each more exciting then the one before. The second you open the book you will be roped in to the story and won’t be able to tear your self away. The title of the three books are:

    1. The False prince,
    2. The Runaway King, and
    3. The Shadow Throne.


Sage is an orphan who had been picked by the notoriosly evil Bevin Conner, a low level regent of King Eckbert’s court. All through his life Sage has been abandoned, thrown out, or chased after because of his ability to steal things. When Sage uncovers Conner’s plot he is in grave danger it is up to him save a country and himself. One choice will lead him to his death the other choice will lead to a life of luxury, but can he take what Conner’s home throws at him or will he fall like every other person who has tried to go up against Conner? Find out the answers in THE FALSE PRINCE!

Conner is a regent of the king who has always wanted a ruler for himself. He picked four boys from different orphanages to be that ruler. He killed one of the boys, Latamer, because he didn’t want to be part of Conner’s plan. The three that were left were Sage, Roden, and Tobias. As they all compete for the throne a truly thrilling discovery is on its way.

This trilogy will take you from an evil regent to a pirate’s castle, and finally to a the war of three lands. During Sage’s journey, you will laugh, cry, and be surprised. If you want a little adventure in life read this amazing book.


In my opinion this book is an eight point five. There are certain times where it falls below my expectations leaving me a bit disappointed is the way that the book turned out at certain times. The book itself is amazing, and is totally worth reading. My library specialist at school recommended the book and I immediately loved. As soon as you start the book each character and detail keeps you hooked. You will rack your brain trying to find out the answers to the mysterious questions. If you don’t read this book it will be a very great loss.😎


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