Dragon Slippers

dragon slippers

Creel’s mom and dad are dead. All she has left is her aunt, uncle, cousins, and her brother Hagen. Creel’s aunt Reena has always dreamed of a life where she would be the richest lady in town. Following through her dreams she sends Creel to the local dragon Theodarus, a very fine dragon that enjoys collecting shoes. Creel offers the annoyed dragon a chance that would let him be rid of her. Theodarus readily agrees and takes Creel to his shoe collection. When she finds the most suitable pair Theodarus and many other dragons are angered. Through her travels Creel meets the amazing king of dragon Shardas the Gold. This results and unlikely friendship between human and dragon, but when her friends are in danger from a very spoiled princess from the neighboring country of Roulain, Creel has to face challenges like no other.

Dragon Slippers had two other books that follow it including Creel and her many and varied friends. DRAGON SLIPPERS, is the first book. The second book is called DRAGON FLIGHT. An evil dragon named Krashath brother to Shardas the Gold is seeking out his brother in order to become king. Creel travels to the headquarter’s of this dragon and tries indirectly to stop him. On this adventure the queen of dragons Velika Azure-Wing presents herself and comes to sing Krashath his mourning rites. At the end Shardas and his wife are reunited. Creel also finds happiness when Prince Luka, one of her best friends, proposes to Creel. After some hesitation and persuasion from the prince Creel accepts.

The third book is DRAGON SPEAR. Creel is just about to get married on the home of the dragons when the pregnant queen of dragons is abducted. Creel and her friends must rescue the dragons once again, except this time they must rescue her from fellow dragons. these dragons have strayed to far from the honorary way of the dragons, and have lived in extinction for a long time. Can creel and her friends rescue Velika and the other dragons? Read the book to find out he answer to the amazingly adventurous.


This book is a nine out of ten. It is comical, adventurous, fantastical, mysterious, heart-breaking, and absolute;y full of cliffhangers. There are so many questions that you try to answer that keep coming to dead ends. If you enjoy an adventure tinged with mystery, humor, and fantasy then this is the book for you. I love this book and would readily recommend this book to anyone I know.


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