I Funny

I funny


I am the Crip from Cornball. Also known as Jamie Grimm. I live with the Smileys in Smileyville a place where no one smiles. I  am funny or so everyone says.  Everyday after school I go to my Uncle Frankie’s Diner and work at the cash register. When a person orders I tell them a joke and ring them up. This is how the I Funny business started.My Uncle Frankie thought I was funny enough to compete in the Planets Funniest Kid Contest. He was WRONG. I have three problems. One, I am in middle school. Two,  I am in a wheelchair. Three, I am NOT funny. 

The Contest was the least of my problems. You see there are two girls that I really like. One is Gilda Gold. She is just as funny, and she is a girl who is very pretty. The other girl is Cool Girl a.k.a Suzie. She extremely smart and yet she is knockout gorgeous. The whole world is watching me. Two girls like me a lot, and I am NOT funny. Can things get any more horrible.


The I Funny series is hilarious. It has the all the problems of an average middle schooler and so much more. It is very easy to connect with and is great if you like to laugh. I wrote the synopsis in a way that shows both my view and the character’s view. I told the story in a different way, but in my own words. I gave this book a 7. For one as funny it is the      book  does not have that much adventure. While others might like that I am a person that just craves adventure. The I Funny book is in a series. The second one is I Even Funnier, and the last one is I Totally Funniest. They are all absolutely amazing.


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