Summary- Certain parts of this numbersbook are inappropriate and is not for younger audiences.

Jemma Marsh, a.k.a. Jem, is fifteen years old and living with a foster mom, Karen, when she meets a young black boy named Terry, who is called Spider by his friends. Jem initially tries to stay away from Spider because she sees numbers associated with the death date of every person she makes eye contact with.  Jem already knows that Spider is going to die in just a few months. However, Spider intrigues Jem, and he is like no one she’s ever met before. Soon, she finds herself accepting an invitation to his house. There she meets his grandmother, the only family Spider has, who sees auras and recognizes Jem as a kindred spirit, but she doesn’t initially realize the depth of Jem’s gift or exactly what it does.

Jem and Spider begin spending a great deal of time together and Jem finds herself liking him more and more. One day, she and Spider spend the day in town, at an amusement park with a huge Ferris wheel- the London Eye. While waiting in line, Jem  begins to realize that every single person has the same number. It leads her to believe that something at the park will be the cause of their death. She urges Spider to run away, and they are nearby when a bomb explodes, killing several people.  Some people remember Jem and Spider running away before the explosion, and it makes them first on the suspect list.

Spider and Jem begin to go on the run of their lives away from the police, and away from dangerous gangs. Can they survive their ordeal or will tragedy befall them?


I really enjoyed this book a lot. It was a very different perspective on the world. It showed that sometimes people are stuck with their lot in life, and that life is not always butterflies and happiness, it can be dark and painful. This book is the first in a trilogy. I really only like this one, the others seemed unnecessary. I would give it a 8.5 out of 10 in total. You should really take the opportunity to read this book.


The House on Mango Street

house on mango streetSummary-  Certain parts of this book are not for younger audiences. You must be in at least in high-school before reading it.

Esperanza is a little girl who moves with her family of six to a house on Mango Street. It’s  not the beautiful house her parents promised. It is nothing but a small, crumbling red house in a poor urban neighborhood especially meant for those like her. Esperanza, who’s often followed by her younger sister Nenny, meets the other residents of Mango Street. These include Most of the neighborhood’s residents are Hispanic, including Esperanza, whose father is a Mexican immigrant and whose mother is Latina.
Esperanza is ashamed of her family’s social status. In many instances she lies or ties to hide signs of her family’s poverty.  Esperanza’s adolescent years are even worse than her younger years.  Esperanza faces sexual aggression in two instances one in which an old man at work forces her to kiss him, and another in which some boys at a carnival rape her. Esperanza’s friends also suffer hardships: Alicia, whose mother is dead, is forced by her father to rise early every morning to make tortillas for her family; Sally, a beautiful girl at school, endures abuse from her father; Minerva, a teenage mother of two children, is constantly being  either abandoned or beaten by her husband.
Esperanza’s mother, a key figure in her life encourages her not to let men hold her back, and to not sit and wait for life start. If she wants wants she can do it on her own, she needs no man. Witnessing the fate of countless female schoolmates who marry young to escape the abuse of their fathers, only to suffer abuse at the hands of their new husbands, Esperanza resolves to leave Mango Street with her books and her papers. She dreams of having a beautiful house all her own, where she can write, and be free. Can Esperanza accomplish her dreams or will she be forever fated to stay in Mango Street?


You cannot confidently say you have read heartbreaking and moving books until you have read this one.  The author has written the book as a series of vignettes of short stories. These stories while only a couple pages each have such beautifully descriptive language, and words that invoke the humanity in the world, and in our beings, that is so rare to find today.  This book is a 100 out of 10.  Even though there is only  110 pages in the book is has a powerful meanings and themes behind. It is one of a kind.

Learning to Swear in America


Yuri Strelnikov, a 17-year-old Russian physics prodigy, finds himself whisked to the United States to find a way to prevent an asteroid from hitting the Earth. If Yuri fails, the western half of the United States will be obliterated. To Yuri, this could be his one big chance to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Something he’s wanted for his whole life.

The second he arrives at NASA, Yuri is faced with a multitude of problems. The first being the fact that no one in NASA trusts him or wants to listen to some upstart 17-year-old. Consequentially, Yuri cannot get some of the information he needs to calculate the functions. At this point Yuri really needs to swear, but he doesn’t know how to, so he placates himself by thinking venomous thoughts about the other physicists.

Then, Yuri meets a normal teenage girl by the name of Dovie, who lives a normal life, and goes to a normal school. Dovie is absolutely oblivious to the impending doom she faces at the hands of an asteroid; if NASA doesn’t destroy it. Hanging out with Dovie, and joining her on the adventures she plans when Yuri is free of obligations to NASA, Yuri understands what it means to save the world and save a life worth living.


This book is an 9 out of 10. It extremely funny in every way while still pulling at your heartstrings. I think the one thing I really enjoyed about this book is that it is very easy to connect to no matter who you are or where you come from. The author has put a lot of work into the characters and their personality, that even the smallest quirks have certain complexity behind them, that is hard to put into words. All in all, this book is amazing, and I would highly recommend giving it a chance.

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life


Rafe Kmiddleschoolbookhatchadorian is just starting middle school. While sitting at an assembly he realizes that in order to make a name for himself in the school he needs to do something that people will remember him for. Now, before I go on there is one thing you need to learn about Rafe Khatchadorian. He loves to draw. His best friend is an imaginary cartoon named Leonardo the Silent (a.k.a. Leo). Leo influences almost all the decisions Rafe makes. Knowing that little piece of info let’s continue with our story.

Rafe is just sitting there wondering what to do while listening to the  Vice President of HVMS ( Hills Village Middle School), Mrs. Ida Stricker drone on about the extremely long rule book. In that moment Leo gave Rafe the million dollar idea. He told Rafe that the best way to be remembered was to break all the rules in HVMS rule book. Rafe thought it was a great idea and planned it all out. He always got detentions when he broke the rules, so he wasn’t really worried. After a while it got bad. He once found himself in the back of a police car and facing expulsion.

How is Rafe going to get the mess he created?


This book is a  9. This is one of those that I can truly understand because I am in middle school. I have experienced all the bullies and rules first and secondhand. While I never tried to break every rule in the rule book I still know where the urge to be noticed comes from.  There is 8 books in this series. Only 7 are out. The eighth should come out in October. I think people of all ages can read, enjoy, and relate to this book. It is amazing.




Donovan Curtis is a troublemaker, a bit a prankster, a little stupid, but an okay guy. He is an average student with an IQ of 112. Not amazing really. I already said Donovan Curtis is a troublemaker, but  what he did was mostly small pranks and things. Until now. Donavan just had to throw a stick at his school’s statue of Atlas, which  lost the huge bronze globe it had. And where did that globe go? It went hurtling right towards the school gym , where a the biggest basketball game of the season was taking place. After that you pretty much see how that story ended.

Now here comes the big crazy thing Donovan  did get caught, but before anything could happen he slipped out and the superintendent of the school  forgot his name. Instead he thought that Donovan Curtis was to be in the Academy of Scholastic Distinction, a place for some the most gifted, talented, and smart students. Not True.  

The Academy is home to some of the smartest people in the state.   The have IQs from   159-206. Unbelievable. The kids at the Academy at the academy aren’t stupid, not one bit. They realize that a kid like Donovan doesn’t belong there. The only thing Donovan does for them is make them a little bit more normal, open, and social. To them that side of him the best, nothing else really. To top it off we have a pregnant sister for Donovan, a dog that is constantly annoying him, and a superintendent on the lookout for him. Can it get any better?


Ungifted is a book that is full of humor, friendship, adventure,   and so much more. This book I give an 8 out of 10. It always makes me laugh, no matter what. You have to love all the characters in the book. Gordon Kothe author of this book. He did a great job developing all the characters in the book  and making them have distinct personalities. Another nice thing about this book is the fact that once in a while it switches between characters. So you can hear from Donovan’s point of view as well as the students at the academy and more.

This book is great for family reading, and for a fun read. Enjoy!



I’d Tell You I Love You, but then I’d Have to Kill You




Cammie Morgan goes to Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women.The school might claim to be your typical all-girls school, but if the school teach chemical warfare, hacking into the CIA, and the latest martial arts I highly doubt it. The school is actually a school for spies. There is one thing the girls of Gallagher Academy can’t do. Act like normal people. Always on guard, they suspect everyone and everything. The ones who blend in the best, who go unnoticed are ‘pavement artists.’ They can stand right next you and you wouldn’t see them.Chameleons is what they are.  Cammie is a ‘pavement artist’ along with that she is can of speak 14 different languages fluently and kill a person seven different ways with her bare hands.

Things get complicated when Cammie falls for a normal boy named Josh. Spy training doesn’t teach you how to deal with boys who really like you. Every night  she risks her life to meet him. To make matters worse her mom is headmistress of the school. If the daughter of the headmistress is rebellious what will other people think. Wait, things get even worse. Joe Solomon the new extremely hot teacher at the school. He knows how Cammie’s father died. He has also ben a spy for aver ten years meaning Cammie has to be double careful. Can Cammie keep a relationship running as a spy and a girl? Can she be ordinary?


This book is absolutely amazing. Being a spy now sounds both good and bad. Its not all just adventure. There is so much more involved. I give this book a 10  It has so many questions, mysteries, and cliffhangers. The book itself ends in a cliffhanger. The book is the first in the Gallagher Girl series. It features Cammie Morgan and her adventures. So far I’ve only read the first three books and I love them. I know I am going to enjoy the last three. Apparently the last book has a little novella that follows it. You can find it online at Read the books and remember to.. Enjoy!

I Funny

I funny


I am the Crip from Cornball. Also known as Jamie Grimm. I live with the Smileys in Smileyville a place where no one smiles. I  am funny or so everyone says.  Everyday after school I go to my Uncle Frankie’s Diner and work at the cash register. When a person orders I tell them a joke and ring them up. This is how the I Funny business started.My Uncle Frankie thought I was funny enough to compete in the Planets Funniest Kid Contest. He was WRONG. I have three problems. One, I am in middle school. Two,  I am in a wheelchair. Three, I am NOT funny. 

The Contest was the least of my problems. You see there are two girls that I really like. One is Gilda Gold. She is just as funny, and she is a girl who is very pretty. The other girl is Cool Girl a.k.a Suzie. She extremely smart and yet she is knockout gorgeous. The whole world is watching me. Two girls like me a lot, and I am NOT funny. Can things get any more horrible.


The I Funny series is hilarious. It has the all the problems of an average middle schooler and so much more. It is very easy to connect with and is great if you like to laugh. I wrote the synopsis in a way that shows both my view and the character’s view. I told the story in a different way, but in my own words. I gave this book a 7. For one as funny it is the      book  does not have that much adventure. While others might like that I am a person that just craves adventure. The I Funny book is in a series. The second one is I Even Funnier, and the last one is I Totally Funniest. They are all absolutely amazing.