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There many types of children. Some want to learn and other are uninterested in learning. The problem is that the kids who want to learn cannot, because of the Toxites. Toxites are magical that can only be seen using a magical soap. There are three kinds of Toxites: Filths, Grimes, and Rubbishes. These things cause children to fall asleep, be distracted, and be uninterested. In other words they try to ruin education.

The Toxites are not alone in their cause. They are supported by the Bureau of Educational Maintenance also known as the BEM. These people hire and fire janitors, the only people who can keep the Toxites under control. There are also two kinds of janitors. The ones that work with the BEM and the ones that work against it.  They are the only people along with the BEM who should be able to see the Toxites. The problem is that there were two kids who accidentally used the magical soap.

Spencer Alan Zumbro and Daisy Gates are children not janitors. They were just the two unlucky kids who got caught in the Toxite war. At first they took the side of the BEM, because they were the government. When they learned what the Toxites actually do, they joined the good janitors. Now the janitors along with them are planning to strike back at the BEM to rid the word of Toxites. But what can they do? The government against a bunch kids is not a fair fight.


This book is a 10 out of  10. The second the book starts there is already a problem. You get roped into the book immediately. Another nice thing is that even though there are magical creatures in the book, the people in it are not really that magical. Just the tools they use to fight are magical. They are actual janitors. Who would’ve expected that?

Another great thing about the book is that anyone can read it. The book is appropriate for all ages. It is  is full of action, adventure, drama, and comedy. I really hope you go to your local library to check it out. There is four other books in the series. The great thing is that  it is one of those series that you will love.


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