Donovan Curtis is a troublemaker, a bit a prankster, a little stupid, but an okay guy. He is an average student with an IQ of 112. Not amazing really. I already said Donovan Curtis is a troublemaker, but  what he did was mostly small pranks and things. Until now. Donavan just had to throw a stick at his school’s statue of Atlas, which  lost the huge bronze globe it had. And where did that globe go? It went hurtling right towards the school gym , where a the biggest basketball game of the season was taking place. After that you pretty much see how that story ended.

Now here comes the big crazy thing Donovan  did get caught, but before anything could happen he slipped out and the superintendent of the school  forgot his name. Instead he thought that Donovan Curtis was to be in the Academy of Scholastic Distinction, a place for some the most gifted, talented, and smart students. Not True.  

The Academy is home to some of the smartest people in the state.   The have IQs from   159-206. Unbelievable. The kids at the Academy at the academy aren’t stupid, not one bit. They realize that a kid like Donovan doesn’t belong there. The only thing Donovan does for them is make them a little bit more normal, open, and social. To them that side of him the best, nothing else really. To top it off we have a pregnant sister for Donovan, a dog that is constantly annoying him, and a superintendent on the lookout for him. Can it get any better?


Ungifted is a book that is full of humor, friendship, adventure,   and so much more. This book I give an 8 out of 10. It always makes me laugh, no matter what. You have to love all the characters in the book. Gordon Kothe author of this book. He did a great job developing all the characters in the book  and making them have distinct personalities. Another nice thing about this book is the fact that once in a while it switches between characters. So you can hear from Donovan’s point of view as well as the students at the academy and more.

This book is great for family reading, and for a fun read. Enjoy!




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