Five Kingdoms: Sky Raiders

 Five Kingdoms (1)   Synopsis

Cole Randolph was a normal kid. He lived Arizona and was good friends with his crush Jenna Hunt. On the day of Halloween, Cole and his friends were invited to join Jenna and her friends for trick-or- treating. When the group went into the scariest house on the block they were all kidnapped and taken to another world called the Outskirts. Cole was not captured, but he went in to save his friends.

Cole was unprepared. The Outskirts are full of illusions, magic, monsters, mutants, and other dangers. Cole ended up with all the other kids who were kidnapped to be slaves. The kids who had potent magic were given good treatment. The ones who had no magic did not get nice treatment. In the end Cole ended up getting sold to the Sky Raiders. The Sky Raiders were people who took food, weapons, and treasure from floating air castles.

Cole made friends with Mira. After Cole earned Mira’s trust she told him her whole story. She was one of the five daughters of King Stafford who everyone believed to be dead. The daughters were Elegance, Honor, Constance, Miracle, and Destiny.  Their father was the one who arranged for their death to be staged.Their  father also stole their powers. Those powers randomly went into a person or turned itself into some evil creature. When Stafford starts to look for Mira, Cole and a couple of other trusted people at Sky Raiders base, must flee to help Mira and her sisters to get their powers back. Can they do it, or will they die trying?


This book is a 10. It is funny, adventurous, interesting, and absolutely gripping. I love this book. It is a must read. There are five book in the Five Kingdoms series. So far, only four of the books are out. The fifth one won’t be out till late 2016 or early 2017. I hope you take the chance to read this amazing and awesome book.



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