15 Days Without a Head

without a headSynopsis

15-year-old Laurence Roach wants nothing more in life than normality. Unfortunately, having a normal life is hard when you have a little brother who acts like the dog from Scooby- Doo (literally)and  your mother is a depressed alcoholic after your father died in a car crash. Laurence thinks that if he wins the luxury vacation offered by a local radio show, he can finally make his mother happy and pull from her depression. It all begins to fall apart when his mother doesn’t come home from work one day, and Laurence finds all of his mother’s’ belongings gone. He must now face the facts: his mother might not ever come home.

Laurence quickly realizes that if people realize that his mother is gone child services will come for him and his brother. Therein lies Laurence’s biggest fear. That when and if child services come to take him and his brother they will end up getting separated. To prevent this Laurence spins a web of complicated lies to cover his mother’s disappearance, while singlehandedly handling and taking care of brother who wants to know where his mother his. This is a story of family, forgiveness, friendship, and love, that teaches kids to never give up even it seems impossible.


This book is an 10 out of 10. One of my favorite things about this book is the moral lessons that it can teach, and how it shows that life is not all cupcakes and unicorns. This book is both extremely heartbreaking and heartwarming, with just the right amount of light-hearted humor. The author did an amazing job of pouring emotions into the book, that it begins to feel like you are the actual characters of the book as story goes on. This book is definitely not one to pass up on any circumstance. It is truly a magnificent book.


City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments


Clary (Clarissa) Fray thought she was perfectly normal. She thought she had a perfect life. Great best friend, headed to an amazing summer art camp. Perfect. Then it all changed. One day when Clary goes to a club she sees two guys a following another couple. One of the guys she saw was carrying a knife. When Clary  tries to point out the boys two Simon( her best friend), he says that there is no one there. Clary chases after them and watches kill an inncoent boy with fangs. She jumps out of her hiding place and reprimands them. The two boys and the girl who was with the now dead boy look at Clary like she’s some crazy new experiment. Then one of the boys, who introduced himself as Jace-he was really hot-starts telling her she has ” the sight” and what not. Weird, right?

A couple days later Clary sees the same boy from the club standing outside a coffee shop. She goes outside to confront him. She wants answers to whatever happened at the club. He starts telling her about demons, monsters, vampires, werewolves, warlocks, and faeries. She just thinks he’s talking crazy. He then talks about how he is a Shadowhunter. Shadowhunters are the people who save the human world from monsters.

Soon Clary is swept up into the Shadowhunter world when her mom is attacked by her real father. A man named  Valentine Morgenstern. He was a psychopathic Shadowhunter who was a mass murderer. Everyone thought he was dead, but he faked his own death , and is now deciding to make a comeback. Now Clary has to defeat him in order to get her life back, and to save the world. Also one last thing, she is falling in love with Jace. Things couldn’t get any better.

With Clary’s life spinning out of control, and more challenges coming, can she survive?


This is seriously one of favorite book series. I would give at 11 out of 10. It is just that amazing. It has adventure, mystery, and comedy. I can guarantee this book will make you cry, laugh, and die. You will fall in love with all the characters. I did too. There is a prequel and sequel to these books. The sequel to it is incomplete. There are actually two prequels. Only one is done. The other is in progress. They too will leave you feeling hollow and happy.  I seriously hope you read these books. If you don’t, then you are missing out a great opportunity.

P.S. I know have not published for a long time. I was really busy with school and totally forgot I had a book blog. I finally had enough free time to write this blog. I hope you can
forgive my forgetfulness.

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life


Rafe Kmiddleschoolbookhatchadorian is just starting middle school. While sitting at an assembly he realizes that in order to make a name for himself in the school he needs to do something that people will remember him for. Now, before I go on there is one thing you need to learn about Rafe Khatchadorian. He loves to draw. His best friend is an imaginary cartoon named Leonardo the Silent (a.k.a. Leo). Leo influences almost all the decisions Rafe makes. Knowing that little piece of info let’s continue with our story.

Rafe is just sitting there wondering what to do while listening to the  Vice President of HVMS ( Hills Village Middle School), Mrs. Ida Stricker drone on about the extremely long rule book. In that moment Leo gave Rafe the million dollar idea. He told Rafe that the best way to be remembered was to break all the rules in HVMS rule book. Rafe thought it was a great idea and planned it all out. He always got detentions when he broke the rules, so he wasn’t really worried. After a while it got bad. He once found himself in the back of a police car and facing expulsion.

How is Rafe going to get the mess he created?


This book is a  9. This is one of those that I can truly understand because I am in middle school. I have experienced all the bullies and rules first and secondhand. While I never tried to break every rule in the rule book I still know where the urge to be noticed comes from.  There is 8 books in this series. Only 7 are out. The eighth should come out in October. I think people of all ages can read, enjoy, and relate to this book. It is amazing.

Five Kingdoms: Sky Raiders

 Five Kingdoms (1)   Synopsis

Cole Randolph was a normal kid. He lived Arizona and was good friends with his crush Jenna Hunt. On the day of Halloween, Cole and his friends were invited to join Jenna and her friends for trick-or- treating. When the group went into the scariest house on the block they were all kidnapped and taken to another world called the Outskirts. Cole was not captured, but he went in to save his friends.

Cole was unprepared. The Outskirts are full of illusions, magic, monsters, mutants, and other dangers. Cole ended up with all the other kids who were kidnapped to be slaves. The kids who had potent magic were given good treatment. The ones who had no magic did not get nice treatment. In the end Cole ended up getting sold to the Sky Raiders. The Sky Raiders were people who took food, weapons, and treasure from floating air castles.

Cole made friends with Mira. After Cole earned Mira’s trust she told him her whole story. She was one of the five daughters of King Stafford who everyone believed to be dead. The daughters were Elegance, Honor, Constance, Miracle, and Destiny.  Their father was the one who arranged for their death to be staged.Their  father also stole their powers. Those powers randomly went into a person or turned itself into some evil creature. When Stafford starts to look for Mira, Cole and a couple of other trusted people at Sky Raiders base, must flee to help Mira and her sisters to get their powers back. Can they do it, or will they die trying?


This book is a 10. It is funny, adventurous, interesting, and absolutely gripping. I love this book. It is a must read. There are five book in the Five Kingdoms series. So far, only four of the books are out. The fifth one won’t be out till late 2016 or early 2017. I hope you take the chance to read this amazing and awesome book.


Ruby Red

ruby redSynopsis

Gwyneth Shepherd’s life is not at all normal. For one, she can see ghosts. Two, her mom lied about her birth date, and three, she can travel through time. When Gwyneth finds out that has this time travel gene that should have gone to her sister her world is warped. Nothing is ever the same again.

Since she has the gene she is required with a secret society that uses the people with the time travel gene to help complete their goal of ridding humankind of any disease or so they say. Gwyneth believes that they have other goals and objectives because the leader of the group chocked her without using his hands. To add to her problems there is another time travel person named Gideon.

Gideon is hot to put it simply. In addition to being hot he is also annoying. Gideon is always going around acting like he is so much better than Gwen. He acts like Gwen is extremely stupid. How will Gwen survive in her new world? Read the book to find out.


I would give this book a 7.5 out of 10. It was very exciting, but at times the story seemed to be moving very slowly. Other than that this book has everything a good book needs. This book is the first the Ruby Red Trilogy. The second book is Sapphire Blue. The third and last book is Emerald Green. This is a great series, and a great read.