Isabel of the Whales


Isabel is a plain old eleven-year-old girl that lives in Provincetown, MA. She believes that she is destined to accomplish something spectacular. It could be for saving the world, winning the lottery, or some other random thing. All she knows is that is someday in her life, her spectacular moment will come. Now, one thing you must know about Isabel is that she loves whales. Her love of them stems from her grandmother, who told her that whales were magical creatures, with powers unlike any other. That love of whales is probably where the trouble all starts.

When Isabel’s 5th grade class goes on a whale watch she is excited. She has been waiting for this for her whole life. On the trip something amazing happens: dozens of species of whales surround the boat. The whales begin to slam against the boat pushing Isabel overboard.When Isabel is falling underwater she is astonished that she can hear and understand what the whales are saying. They tell her that she is mermaid, and that she is the Chosen One. Isabel is destined to live among the whales long enough to change their lives in some way while teaching about the human world.

Isabel enjoys her time with the whales and learns a lot about herself, but she misses her family, friends, and her old life. Will Isabel ever return home, or is she destined to be a whale forever?


This book is great if your looking for a quick read. It is a short with adventure, humor, and a little bit of romance. I would probable give it a 6.5 out of 10. That is probably because it just as magical a plot as I would have preferred. There is a sequel to the book . I haven’t read it,  but I do plan too, in the recent future. Nevertheless, this book is an amazing story that has the ability to sweep you off your feet.


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