The Great Library: Ink and Bone


Powerful, cunning, and ruthless the Great Library of Alexandria is a presence in every singlethe great library major city, governing the flow of knowledge to the masses. The library can create new books, possess them, and even copy them through alchemy, but for anyone who does not work in the Great Library books are expressly forbidden.

Jess Brightwell is a boy who’s gains his knowledge by reading illegal books that his family owns or has obtained, from the black market. Jess also believes that the Library is extremely valuable, because books are in his bones and in his blood. He lives for books and loves them. Jess is sent out by his

father, as a spy, to try to get a place in the Library staff and smuggle out books. Unfortunately, as the training goes on, Jess starts to see the Library in a whole new light and his loyalties are tested.

When one of Jess’s new friends accidentally commits heresy, by inventing a device that could change the world and the power the Library holds over people, Jess finally realizes the true corruption of the library. Jess begins to understand that the Great Library values books over human life. Soon both books and people will burn.


This book is probably an 8.6 out of 10. It is a hair-raising, breathtaking, and exciting book. In my opinion, the author did an amazing  job of  showing how all the characters developed from the start to the end. I also loved how, even if something important was revealed there was always a new question that needed to be answered. It added a cliffhanger to almost every chapter. The one thing that I probably didn’t like about the book was the fact that some times it was a little repetitive. Nevertheless, it was still an awesome book. This book is the first in a trilogy. While I have not yet read the third book, I can confidently say that the second is just as amazing and even more gripping than the first. I hope you decide to read this absolutely magnificent book.



Isabel of the Whales


Isabel is a plain old eleven-year-old girl that lives in Provincetown, MA. She believes that she is destined to accomplish something spectacular. It could be for saving the world, winning the lottery, or some other random thing. All she knows is that is someday in her life, her spectacular moment will come. Now, one thing you must know about Isabel is that she loves whales. Her love of them stems from her grandmother, who told her that whales were magical creatures, with powers unlike any other. That love of whales is probably where the trouble all starts.

When Isabel’s 5th grade class goes on a whale watch she is excited. She has been waiting for this for her whole life. On the trip something amazing happens: dozens of species of whales surround the boat. The whales begin to slam against the boat pushing Isabel overboard.When Isabel is falling underwater she is astonished that she can hear and understand what the whales are saying. They tell her that she is mermaid, and that she is the Chosen One. Isabel is destined to live among the whales long enough to change their lives in some way while teaching about the human world.

Isabel enjoys her time with the whales and learns a lot about herself, but she misses her family, friends, and her old life. Will Isabel ever return home, or is she destined to be a whale forever?


This book is great if your looking for a quick read. It is a short with adventure, humor, and a little bit of romance. I would probable give it a 6.5 out of 10. That is probably because it just as magical a plot as I would have preferred. There is a sequel to the book . I haven’t read it,  but I do plan too, in the recent future. Nevertheless, this book is an amazing story that has the ability to sweep you off your feet.

City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments


Clary (Clarissa) Fray thought she was perfectly normal. She thought she had a perfect life. Great best friend, headed to an amazing summer art camp. Perfect. Then it all changed. One day when Clary goes to a club she sees two guys a following another couple. One of the guys she saw was carrying a knife. When Clary  tries to point out the boys two Simon( her best friend), he says that there is no one there. Clary chases after them and watches kill an inncoent boy with fangs. She jumps out of her hiding place and reprimands them. The two boys and the girl who was with the now dead boy look at Clary like she’s some crazy new experiment. Then one of the boys, who introduced himself as Jace-he was really hot-starts telling her she has ” the sight” and what not. Weird, right?

A couple days later Clary sees the same boy from the club standing outside a coffee shop. She goes outside to confront him. She wants answers to whatever happened at the club. He starts telling her about demons, monsters, vampires, werewolves, warlocks, and faeries. She just thinks he’s talking crazy. He then talks about how he is a Shadowhunter. Shadowhunters are the people who save the human world from monsters.

Soon Clary is swept up into the Shadowhunter world when her mom is attacked by her real father. A man named  Valentine Morgenstern. He was a psychopathic Shadowhunter who was a mass murderer. Everyone thought he was dead, but he faked his own death , and is now deciding to make a comeback. Now Clary has to defeat him in order to get her life back, and to save the world. Also one last thing, she is falling in love with Jace. Things couldn’t get any better.

With Clary’s life spinning out of control, and more challenges coming, can she survive?


This is seriously one of favorite book series. I would give at 11 out of 10. It is just that amazing. It has adventure, mystery, and comedy. I can guarantee this book will make you cry, laugh, and die. You will fall in love with all the characters. I did too. There is a prequel and sequel to these books. The sequel to it is incomplete. There are actually two prequels. Only one is done. The other is in progress. They too will leave you feeling hollow and happy.  I seriously hope you read these books. If you don’t, then you are missing out a great opportunity.

P.S. I know have not published for a long time. I was really busy with school and totally forgot I had a book blog. I finally had enough free time to write this blog. I hope you can
forgive my forgetfulness.

Ruby Red

ruby redSynopsis

Gwyneth Shepherd’s life is not at all normal. For one, she can see ghosts. Two, her mom lied about her birth date, and three, she can travel through time. When Gwyneth finds out that has this time travel gene that should have gone to her sister her world is warped. Nothing is ever the same again.

Since she has the gene she is required with a secret society that uses the people with the time travel gene to help complete their goal of ridding humankind of any disease or so they say. Gwyneth believes that they have other goals and objectives because the leader of the group chocked her without using his hands. To add to her problems there is another time travel person named Gideon.

Gideon is hot to put it simply. In addition to being hot he is also annoying. Gideon is always going around acting like he is so much better than Gwen. He acts like Gwen is extremely stupid. How will Gwen survive in her new world? Read the book to find out.


I would give this book a 7.5 out of 10. It was very exciting, but at times the story seemed to be moving very slowly. Other than that this book has everything a good book needs. This book is the first the Ruby Red Trilogy. The second book is Sapphire Blue. The third and last book is Emerald Green. This is a great series, and a great read.



Dauntless, Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Erudite. Divergent. Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior lives in a world of where only perfection is accepted. If you don’t fit in you die. It’s quite simple. You can only be one thing. You can be brave, selfless, peaceful, truthful, or knowledgeable. You can’t be brave and selfless. You can’t be more than one thing. If you are guess what happens to you. Death. Tris is more than one or divergent. She is from Abnegation, but decides to become Dauntless. Dauntless shows absolutely no mercy for those who are Divergent. She’s probably as good as dead.

Luckily, she doesn’t die, but many others do. The Erudite have gotten greedy for power. They plan to use the Dauntless to kill all the Abnegation using a simulator for mind-control. Thankfully, the serum that they inject doesn’t work on Divergents (this makes Tris happy because he boyfriend, Tobias, is also Divergent).

Anyway let’s skip over all the unimportant deaths and go on. Tris’s mother and father dies. Tobias and Tris shut down the mind-control program. Oh, and their whole “country” is in chaos. Half the population is dead, the other is alive, confused and scared. The Erudite are angry and even more determined to have full rule. What a happy ending.


This is a book of greatness. It has romance, action, adventure. It has everything a good book needs to have. I give it an 8.5. It is  a story unlike The Hunger Games whose whole idea is “Peeta or Gale.” This book gives the ups and downs or real and fake lives. Absolutely Amazing are the words that come to mind when you read the book, and it is absolutely true.

Only Time Will Time Tell

Syonly time will tellnopsis

” I object.” The two words that put Harry’s life and marriage down the drain. Harry Clifton is the son of Maisie Clifton and Arthur Clifton, or  so he thought. Harry lives in Bristol city a place for all kinds of people. The people there all now war with Hitler is unavoidable, they can see the signs. The thing Harry actually had a pretty good life. Let me explain.

His childhood was amazingly lucky. Harry was one of the few poor boys who got into the most prestigious academies and universities. He was bright, clever, inquisitive, polite, funny. HE was also a great singer. As life went on Harry found true love with Emma Barrington- sister to his best friend , Giles Barrington-  the daughter of one of the richest people in Britain. His life was perfect, that was, until a big bombshell was dropped. Someone had accused Harry of actually being the son of Barrington. The thing is Harry never thought of that at all he was always the son of Arthur Clifton. How was Harry going to fix this problem? Read the book to find out.

This book is the first in a series called the Clifton Chronicles. If you enjoyed this book than you can read the rest of the series. There are five other books. Enjoy!


I love this book. It has so much excitement and conflict. The are so many things that you have to pay attention too and makes you want to keep reading. The end of the book is an absolute cliffhanger. Another thing hat you need to know is that I think this book is only for kids ages 11 and up. There might be some inappropriate content for younger children. Overall, this book was absolutely enjoyable. I give it a 9.7 out of 10. Amazing and Mind-blowing are two words I find most helpful in describing this book.

The Fault in our Stars




Hazel Grace Lancaster is a time bomb. From a young age she has had cancer. To Hazel the world is quite drab, well until she met him. Augustus Waters is a rebel. People tell him to not use cigarettes, he does. Augustus also has a fake leg. The two are so different and yet the same. Every week Hazel attends a support that meets in “The Heart of Jesus.” One of her friends, Issac brings Augustus to one of the meetings. Issac is half blind. He has one good eye and one glass, but the doctors decided to make him blind. Augustus Waters is Hazel’s dream boy. He is funny, sarcastic, smart, stupid, passionate, and amazing. The point is Augustus Waters fell hard for Hazel Grace. 

All cancer kids get a wish. Gus (short for Augustus) had saved his, and decided  to use it on Hazel Grace. He wanted to take her to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten, the author of Hazel’s favorite book. The problem was that Peter Van Houten was an idiot. He become a drunkard, recluse, and cruel. The thing is Peter Van Houten had lost someone to cancer. The loss made him bitter. Nevertheless, Hazel and Augustus enjoyed their trip. A few days before leaving Amsterdam Gus told Hazel that he was dangerously sick. Hazel doesn’t what to do and she can’t bear to lose someone. There’s a new time bomb in Hazel’s life.


This book is an eight. If you like romance than this is the book for you. There is also a lot of bad words. The thing it also really realistic. It shows more than just the bad part of cancer, it shows life. Life is never was easy and never will be. It’s a really enjoyable book that seems more appropriate for grades 6-12, but it i your choice. I hope you get this book at your library or from a retail book store.