15 Days Without a Head

without a headSynopsis

15-year-old Laurence Roach wants nothing more in life than normality. Unfortunately, having a normal life is hard when you have a little brother who acts like the dog from Scooby- Doo (literally)and  your mother is a depressed alcoholic after your father died in a car crash. Laurence thinks that if he wins the luxury vacation offered by a local radio show, he can finally make his mother happy and pull from her depression. It all begins to fall apart when his mother doesn’t come home from work one day, and Laurence finds all of his mother’s’ belongings gone. He must now face the facts: his mother might not ever come home.

Laurence quickly realizes that if people realize that his mother is gone child services will come for him and his brother. Therein lies Laurence’s biggest fear. That when and if child services come to take him and his brother they will end up getting separated. To prevent this Laurence spins a web of complicated lies to cover his mother’s disappearance, while singlehandedly handling and taking care of brother who wants to know where his mother his. This is a story of family, forgiveness, friendship, and love, that teaches kids to never give up even it seems impossible.


This book is an 10 out of 10. One of my favorite things about this book is the moral lessons that it can teach, and how it shows that life is not all cupcakes and unicorns. This book is both extremely heartbreaking and heartwarming, with just the right amount of light-hearted humor. The author did an amazing job of pouring emotions into the book, that it begins to feel like you are the actual characters of the book as story goes on. This book is definitely not one to pass up on any circumstance. It is truly a magnificent book.


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