Paul might be considered blind by his family but he sees things as they are. He sees that koi fish that are prey to ttangerinebookhe osprey. He sees the place where lightning strikes everyday. He sees his brother Erik with his full malice. Erik isn’t the great and kind football player he poses has. He is a robber, an abuser of innocent children, a murderer, and a very good football player. Paul Fisher sees his brother as he truly is, a monster, and the cause for his blindness. Now Paul has to show all of Tangerine what a monster Erik Fisher really is.

Seventh grader Paul has just moved again, this time to a school in the “rough” part of town. His popular brother, Erik, is a star on the football team, while Paul, who is blind and unpopular, plays goalie on the soccer team. Paul’s parents worship Erik, but Paul knows he is a terrible bully. As Paul makes friends with the tough kids on his soccer team, he grows to learn a lot about life, and a terrible secret about his brother. Deep and thought-provoking, this book examines many themes: racism, classes, acceptance, bullying, assertiveness, environmental issues, and that things are not always how they seem. It is a little slow to start, but becomes gripping as a mystery about Paul’s brother unfolds. Paul triumphs over his disability, winning friends and succeeding as a goalie. Paul’s parents are well-meaning, but sadly, do not see Erik for who he is: a bully who eventually murders someone. – See more at: http://www.storysnoops.com/detail.php?id=263#sthash.VUltX9Do.dpuf


This book is a ten out of ten. It really provides people a chance to see what life can really be like. It shows the true evil of people with bad intentions, and the greatness of those with good ones. Reading this might even teach you a little bit more about yourself as well. Are you up for it?


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