Princess of the Midnight Ball


Princess Rose, is one in twelve sisters, the eldest one to be exact. She and the rest of her sisters are under a curse which is now taking its toll on them. A fellow soldier named Galen has taken a fancy to Princess Rose and asks for permission to help lift the curse on the princesses. What Galen discovers is shocking. The princesses are under the control of a very powerful and scary man, The King Under Stone. When Galen discovers this he has one chance to free the princesses. Using the help of silver sticks and a secret name he will thwart and close the entrance to King Under Stone’s kingdom. Can he do it?

If you enjoyed this book be sure to read the other two stories. PRINCESS of GLASS and PRINCESS of the SILVER WOODS. They revolve around the two youngest princesses. Their adventure is like no other as well. They find new darknesses, old enemies, and new-found lovers. Can the princesses fight the challenges that the face? To find out pick up the book at your school or local library.


This book is an eight out of ten. It has a good storyline, a great plot, and an even greater adventure. The only problem is that sometimes it focuses on one little thing for far too long. Nevertheless, this book is amazing and a book worth reading.


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