Every one loves Cinderella. Emma has always been her father’s favorite and sn only child. Her mother always encourages Emma to do everything she can to be her father’s favorite. Her life was amazing. When Emma’s father takes in a daughter for a family that he left, Emma loses the life she always had. At first her new stepsister was kind and would always listen to Emma’s advice. Yet in a few months she became a menace. She took up Emma’s time with her father, kicked her out of her own room, and even forgot to bail her out of carnival “jail.” Lisette was pretty, popular, and greedy. If Emma had something she had to take it. She almost committed her whole life to making Emma look bad. Lisette was Cinderella with a lot of evil. Emma had reddish hair, a kind heart, a great voice, loyal friends, and a lot of courage and cleverness. Emma suffered so much loss with Lisette around. her “sister” stole her boyfriend and took up all of her daddy daughter time. When Emma discover that her friend, Kendra is a witch, Emma jumps on the chance to get everything that she lost back. When the latest teen pop star comes to her town, Emma sends Kendra, who is disguised as a fairy godmother to get Lisette ready she puts her master plan to work. The only problem is that Emma finds out that she and Travis ( the pop star) have a lot in common. Overnight Emma becomes the true Cinderella and ends up finding true love.


This book is an 8.5 out of ten. I have always loved fairy tales. I love them even more when you take fairy tales and put some very modern twists on it. If you love fantasy, adventure, trickery, mystery, and romance get this book at your local library. If it has passed my examination it will surely pass yours.


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