The Lost Hero


Jason Grace woke up with no memory. He was on a school bus with people he had never seen. He was dating a girl named Piper. His life was messed up. In this thrilling novel Jason Grace, a son of Zues goes on a quest that marks the beginning of the the Prophecy of Seven. It goes like this, “Seven half-bloods shall answer the call, to storm or fire the world must fall, an oath to keep with a final breath and foes bear arms to the doors of death.” Jason Grace is one of the half- bloods. Three others already have been found. The first is Piper McLean daughter of Aphrodite, the second is Leo the son of Hepheastus, and the last is Annabeth daughter of Athena. Jason, Piper, and Leo must embark on a journey to save the goddess Hera. To travel they take a giant bronze dragon named Festus. They first meet Boreas the god of the north wind. In the process they encounter Boreas’s children. Two of them are stupid boys named Cal and Zethes. The third was a snow goddess named Khione. Khione is beautiful woman with a heart as hard as ice (no surprise there) and a mind as sharp as a knife. When she takes the three firends to see Boreas she is immediately angered. On jason Grace’s forearm is the mark of the roman legion. a race of people that worship the Greek gods in their Roman form. The three barely escape from the ice castle with their lives, but the adventure has only started.

As the story goes on you will get to hear parts of the story from the different characters point of view. In the book you will see the evil and beautiful Medea, a powerful sorceress, and the rich Kign Midas in his house of gold. Finally you see the most powerful king of giants there is, the one born from mother Earth herself (if you think Mother Earth is good think again) Porphyrion. Gaea is in revolt. her children the Titans were killed and imprisoned. The gods kept disrespecting her and the Earth. She wanted a new age, a new time, a new ruler. All she wanted to do was sleep, but those pesky gods kept on ruining everything. It ws up to the seven half- bloods to stop her. In the end Jason Grace gets his memory back, and also knows where to find the next three half- bloods.


This book is a ten out of ten. It was funny, crazy, adventerous, trecherous, suprising, and amazing. If anyone would asks me for a book recomendation this book wold be oon the top of my list. The second the book. You open the book it ropes you in. I really do like this book. When I have nothing to read I see if I can find this book so I have something to enjoy. Old and young can read and enjoy this book. Just a speck of imagination and adventure by the amazing Rick Riordan goes a long way.

The series has 4 more books. They are The Son of Neptune, Mark of Athena, House of Hades, and Blood of Olympus. Each book keeps on getting better and better.


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