The Fault in our Stars




Hazel Grace Lancaster is a time bomb. From a young age she has had cancer. To Hazel the world is quite drab, well until she met him. Augustus Waters is a rebel. People tell him to not use cigarettes, he does. Augustus also has a fake leg. The two are so different and yet the same. Every week Hazel attends a support that meets in “The Heart of Jesus.” One of her friends, Issac brings Augustus to one of the meetings. Issac is half blind. He has one good eye and one glass, but the doctors decided to make him blind. Augustus Waters is Hazel’s dream boy. He is funny, sarcastic, smart, stupid, passionate, and amazing. The point is Augustus Waters fell hard for Hazel Grace. 

All cancer kids get a wish. Gus (short for Augustus) had saved his, and decided  to use it on Hazel Grace. He wanted to take her to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten, the author of Hazel’s favorite book. The problem was that Peter Van Houten was an idiot. He become a drunkard, recluse, and cruel. The thing is Peter Van Houten had lost someone to cancer. The loss made him bitter. Nevertheless, Hazel and Augustus enjoyed their trip. A few days before leaving Amsterdam Gus told Hazel that he was dangerously sick. Hazel doesn’t what to do and she can’t bear to lose someone. There’s a new time bomb in Hazel’s life.


This book is an eight. If you like romance than this is the book for you. There is also a lot of bad words. The thing it also really realistic. It shows more than just the bad part of cancer, it shows life. Life is never was easy and never will be. It’s a really enjoyable book that seems more appropriate for grades 6-12, but it i your choice. I hope you get this book at your library or from a retail book store.


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