The School of Fear



Madeline Masterson has arachnophobia, the fear of insects, spiders, and anything else that is considered a “creepy crawly.” Theo Bartholomew has thanatophobia, the fear of dying. Lulu Punchalower has claustrophobia, fear of confined spaces, and Garrison Feldman has hydrophobia, fear of water.

The four kids have fears that are out of control. Maddie always wear a veil and repellents, Theo needs is family to text “alive” or ‘dead” every five minutes. Lulu will throw things if she has to, and Garrison sweats and then faints. In order to conquer their fears they need to go to the highly elusive and exclusive School of Fear.

The school is run by the extremely odd Edith Wellington. The kids have a scary time that gets even worse when Mrs.Wellington dies. Now it is up to the kids to save Macaroni-Mrs. Wellington’s dog- from the extremely ugly and dirty lawyer Manchauser. Can they do it in time?


This book is very enjoyable. Each chapter has a new fear, problem, conflict, laugh and more. It shows an extreme and hilarious form of curing phobias. The character in the book each represent a person in the real world. There is foodie, a smartypants, an athlete, and a cool kid. Anyone can relate.  I give this book a nine, it is enjoyable for all ages, sizes, and phobias.

If you enjoyed this book you can read the rest of the trilogy. Book 2 is called “Class is Not Dismissed.” It follows the adventures of the kids when a new student, Hyacinth joins them.The last book is called “The Final Exam,” and it is  about a reporter who is trying to shut down the School of Fear. The kids have to use everything they’ve got to stop her.


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