Mechanic. Cyborg. Lunar. Everything that makes up Cinder. Cinder was always a orphan no parents, no family, absolutely nothing. To make matters worse Cinder is a cyborg. Half of her body is metallic. She can’t cry or blush. Even worse is the fact that she lives with Adri, her adoptive father’s wife. To Cinder the world is bleak and lifeless. She is worth nothing.

All of sudden things gat better then go back to worse. Prince Kaito of the Eastern Commonwealth likes Cinder. As happy as Cinder is she can never really be with him. A prince and cyborg, please she would rather die. Another thing, her sister. Cinder’s sister has the plague, and she just can’t leave her. Also, her amazing “mother” has sent Cinder off to  be a volunteer at the plague headquarters. To make matters worse Cinder fins out the she is a lost Lunar princess, which means that everyone on planet Earth is supposed to be at war with her. Can things get any worse?


This book is exciting, amazing, and out of this world. It has a great sense of imagination that pulls you in after the first few pages. It can also help you relate to your own life. People hate Cinder because of how she looks. Many other people have this same problem in real life. My rating for this book is a 9 because it has one or two unrelated topics. it is good because you get to hear the full story from different points of view.

If you like this book you can read the rest of series. This includes            “Scarlet,” “Cress,” and “Winter.” The stories are a s amazing and exciting as the first book.