The School of Fear



Madeline Masterson has arachnophobia, the fear of insects, spiders, and anything else that is considered a “creepy crawly.” Theo Bartholomew has thanatophobia, the fear of dying. Lulu Punchalower has claustrophobia, fear of confined spaces, and Garrison Feldman has hydrophobia, fear of water.

The four kids have fears that are out of control. Maddie always wear a veil and repellents, Theo needs is family to text “alive” or ‘dead” every five minutes. Lulu will throw things if she has to, and Garrison sweats and then faints. In order to conquer their fears they need to go to the highly elusive and exclusive School of Fear.

The school is run by the extremely odd Edith Wellington. The kids have a scary time that gets even worse when Mrs.Wellington dies. Now it is up to the kids to save Macaroni-Mrs. Wellington’s dog- from the extremely ugly and dirty lawyer Manchauser. Can they do it in time?


This book is very enjoyable. Each chapter has a new fear, problem, conflict, laugh and more. It shows an extreme and hilarious form of curing phobias. The character in the book each represent a person in the real world. There is foodie, a smartypants, an athlete, and a cool kid. Anyone can relate.  I give this book a nine, it is enjoyable for all ages, sizes, and phobias.

If you enjoyed this book you can read the rest of the trilogy. Book 2 is called “Class is Not Dismissed.” It follows the adventures of the kids when a new student, Hyacinth joins them.The last book is called “The Final Exam,” and it is  about a reporter who is trying to shut down the School of Fear. The kids have to use everything they’ve got to stop her.


The Fault in our Stars




Hazel Grace Lancaster is a time bomb. From a young age she has had cancer. To Hazel the world is quite drab, well until she met him. Augustus Waters is a rebel. People tell him to not use cigarettes, he does. Augustus also has a fake leg. The two are so different and yet the same. Every week Hazel attends a support that meets in “The Heart of Jesus.” One of her friends, Issac brings Augustus to one of the meetings. Issac is half blind. He has one good eye and one glass, but the doctors decided to make him blind. Augustus Waters is Hazel’s dream boy. He is funny, sarcastic, smart, stupid, passionate, and amazing. The point is Augustus Waters fell hard for Hazel Grace. 

All cancer kids get a wish. Gus (short for Augustus) had saved his, and decided  to use it on Hazel Grace. He wanted to take her to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten, the author of Hazel’s favorite book. The problem was that Peter Van Houten was an idiot. He become a drunkard, recluse, and cruel. The thing is Peter Van Houten had lost someone to cancer. The loss made him bitter. Nevertheless, Hazel and Augustus enjoyed their trip. A few days before leaving Amsterdam Gus told Hazel that he was dangerously sick. Hazel doesn’t what to do and she can’t bear to lose someone. There’s a new time bomb in Hazel’s life.


This book is an eight. If you like romance than this is the book for you. There is also a lot of bad words. The thing it also really realistic. It shows more than just the bad part of cancer, it shows life. Life is never was easy and never will be. It’s a really enjoyable book that seems more appropriate for grades 6-12, but it i your choice. I hope you get this book at your library or from a retail book store.

The Lost Hero


Jason Grace woke up with no memory. He was on a school bus with people he had never seen. He was dating a girl named Piper. His life was messed up. In this thrilling novel Jason Grace, a son of Zues goes on a quest that marks the beginning of the the Prophecy of Seven. It goes like this, “Seven half-bloods shall answer the call, to storm or fire the world must fall, an oath to keep with a final breath and foes bear arms to the doors of death.” Jason Grace is one of the half- bloods. Three others already have been found. The first is Piper McLean daughter of Aphrodite, the second is Leo the son of Hepheastus, and the last is Annabeth daughter of Athena. Jason, Piper, and Leo must embark on a journey to save the goddess Hera. To travel they take a giant bronze dragon named Festus. They first meet Boreas the god of the north wind. In the process they encounter Boreas’s children. Two of them are stupid boys named Cal and Zethes. The third was a snow goddess named Khione. Khione is beautiful woman with a heart as hard as ice (no surprise there) and a mind as sharp as a knife. When she takes the three firends to see Boreas she is immediately angered. On jason Grace’s forearm is the mark of the roman legion. a race of people that worship the Greek gods in their Roman form. The three barely escape from the ice castle with their lives, but the adventure has only started.

As the story goes on you will get to hear parts of the story from the different characters point of view. In the book you will see the evil and beautiful Medea, a powerful sorceress, and the rich Kign Midas in his house of gold. Finally you see the most powerful king of giants there is, the one born from mother Earth herself (if you think Mother Earth is good think again) Porphyrion. Gaea is in revolt. her children the Titans were killed and imprisoned. The gods kept disrespecting her and the Earth. She wanted a new age, a new time, a new ruler. All she wanted to do was sleep, but those pesky gods kept on ruining everything. It ws up to the seven half- bloods to stop her. In the end Jason Grace gets his memory back, and also knows where to find the next three half- bloods.


This book is a ten out of ten. It was funny, crazy, adventerous, trecherous, suprising, and amazing. If anyone would asks me for a book recomendation this book wold be oon the top of my list. The second the book. You open the book it ropes you in. I really do like this book. When I have nothing to read I see if I can find this book so I have something to enjoy. Old and young can read and enjoy this book. Just a speck of imagination and adventure by the amazing Rick Riordan goes a long way.

The series has 4 more books. They are The Son of Neptune, Mark of Athena, House of Hades, and Blood of Olympus. Each book keeps on getting better and better.

Princess of the Midnight Ball


Princess Rose, is one in twelve sisters, the eldest one to be exact. She and the rest of her sisters are under a curse which is now taking its toll on them. A fellow soldier named Galen has taken a fancy to Princess Rose and asks for permission to help lift the curse on the princesses. What Galen discovers is shocking. The princesses are under the control of a very powerful and scary man, The King Under Stone. When Galen discovers this he has one chance to free the princesses. Using the help of silver sticks and a secret name he will thwart and close the entrance to King Under Stone’s kingdom. Can he do it?

If you enjoyed this book be sure to read the other two stories. PRINCESS of GLASS and PRINCESS of the SILVER WOODS. They revolve around the two youngest princesses. Their adventure is like no other as well. They find new darknesses, old enemies, and new-found lovers. Can the princesses fight the challenges that the face? To find out pick up the book at your school or local library.


This book is an eight out of ten. It has a good storyline, a great plot, and an even greater adventure. The only problem is that sometimes it focuses on one little thing for far too long. Nevertheless, this book is amazing and a book worth reading.



Every one loves Cinderella. Emma has always been her father’s favorite and sn only child. Her mother always encourages Emma to do everything she can to be her father’s favorite. Her life was amazing. When Emma’s father takes in a daughter for a family that he left, Emma loses the life she always had. At first her new stepsister was kind and would always listen to Emma’s advice. Yet in a few months she became a menace. She took up Emma’s time with her father, kicked her out of her own room, and even forgot to bail her out of carnival “jail.” Lisette was pretty, popular, and greedy. If Emma had something she had to take it. She almost committed her whole life to making Emma look bad. Lisette was Cinderella with a lot of evil. Emma had reddish hair, a kind heart, a great voice, loyal friends, and a lot of courage and cleverness. Emma suffered so much loss with Lisette around. her “sister” stole her boyfriend and took up all of her daddy daughter time. When Emma discover that her friend, Kendra is a witch, Emma jumps on the chance to get everything that she lost back. When the latest teen pop star comes to her town, Emma sends Kendra, who is disguised as a fairy godmother to get Lisette ready she puts her master plan to work. The only problem is that Emma finds out that she and Travis ( the pop star) have a lot in common. Overnight Emma becomes the true Cinderella and ends up finding true love.


This book is an 8.5 out of ten. I have always loved fairy tales. I love them even more when you take fairy tales and put some very modern twists on it. If you love fantasy, adventure, trickery, mystery, and romance get this book at your local library. If it has passed my examination it will surely pass yours.



Paul might be considered blind by his family but he sees things as they are. He sees that koi fish that are prey to ttangerinebookhe osprey. He sees the place where lightning strikes everyday. He sees his brother Erik with his full malice. Erik isn’t the great and kind football player he poses has. He is a robber, an abuser of innocent children, a murderer, and a very good football player. Paul Fisher sees his brother as he truly is, a monster, and the cause for his blindness. Now Paul has to show all of Tangerine what a monster Erik Fisher really is.

Seventh grader Paul has just moved again, this time to a school in the “rough” part of town. His popular brother, Erik, is a star on the football team, while Paul, who is blind and unpopular, plays goalie on the soccer team. Paul’s parents worship Erik, but Paul knows he is a terrible bully. As Paul makes friends with the tough kids on his soccer team, he grows to learn a lot about life, and a terrible secret about his brother. Deep and thought-provoking, this book examines many themes: racism, classes, acceptance, bullying, assertiveness, environmental issues, and that things are not always how they seem. It is a little slow to start, but becomes gripping as a mystery about Paul’s brother unfolds. Paul triumphs over his disability, winning friends and succeeding as a goalie. Paul’s parents are well-meaning, but sadly, do not see Erik for who he is: a bully who eventually murders someone. – See more at:


This book is a ten out of ten. It really provides people a chance to see what life can really be like. It shows the true evil of people with bad intentions, and the greatness of those with good ones. Reading this might even teach you a little bit more about yourself as well. Are you up for it?

Dragon Slippers

dragon slippers

Creel’s mom and dad are dead. All she has left is her aunt, uncle, cousins, and her brother Hagen. Creel’s aunt Reena has always dreamed of a life where she would be the richest lady in town. Following through her dreams she sends Creel to the local dragon Theodarus, a very fine dragon that enjoys collecting shoes. Creel offers the annoyed dragon a chance that would let him be rid of her. Theodarus readily agrees and takes Creel to his shoe collection. When she finds the most suitable pair Theodarus and many other dragons are angered. Through her travels Creel meets the amazing king of dragon Shardas the Gold. This results and unlikely friendship between human and dragon, but when her friends are in danger from a very spoiled princess from the neighboring country of Roulain, Creel has to face challenges like no other.

Dragon Slippers had two other books that follow it including Creel and her many and varied friends. DRAGON SLIPPERS, is the first book. The second book is called DRAGON FLIGHT. An evil dragon named Krashath brother to Shardas the Gold is seeking out his brother in order to become king. Creel travels to the headquarter’s of this dragon and tries indirectly to stop him. On this adventure the queen of dragons Velika Azure-Wing presents herself and comes to sing Krashath his mourning rites. At the end Shardas and his wife are reunited. Creel also finds happiness when Prince Luka, one of her best friends, proposes to Creel. After some hesitation and persuasion from the prince Creel accepts.

The third book is DRAGON SPEAR. Creel is just about to get married on the home of the dragons when the pregnant queen of dragons is abducted. Creel and her friends must rescue the dragons once again, except this time they must rescue her from fellow dragons. these dragons have strayed to far from the honorary way of the dragons, and have lived in extinction for a long time. Can creel and her friends rescue Velika and the other dragons? Read the book to find out he answer to the amazingly adventurous.


This book is a nine out of ten. It is comical, adventurous, fantastical, mysterious, heart-breaking, and absolute;y full of cliffhangers. There are so many questions that you try to answer that keep coming to dead ends. If you enjoy an adventure tinged with mystery, humor, and fantasy then this is the book for you. I love this book and would readily recommend this book to anyone I know.