heartless Synopsis

Long ago in Wonderland- before she became the infamous and feared Queen of Hearts- She was Catherine. A young girl who had dreams of falling in love and opening a bakery that sold the most delicious pastries in all of Wonderland. Unfortunately, there are certain obstacles that prevent her from accomplishing her dreams.

The first challenge is the King of Hearts who is in love with Catherine and wants her as his queen. Catherine does not like the King of Hearts at all, and she would hate to be stuck in such a loveless marriage with a giggly buffoon. This can directly correlate with her second problem, her family. Catherine is a high class citizen and her parents think it would be absolutely amazing if she became Queen. She could never become a baker. To do so, her family name would be disgraced.

The third problem is the Jabberwock a creature that is terrorizing Hearts and putting Catherine and her friends in danger. The last thing isn’t really a problem, but it could become one. Catherine is quickly falling in love the new Court Joker, Jest. Follow Catherine in her tale of becoming the Heartless, Queen of Hearts.


This book is a 9.6 out of 10. This book attention- grabbing, thrilling, and full of emotional rollercoasters. Marissa Meyer had made the character so easy to relate to, and it gives the book a realistic feel as well. Anyone who reads this book is guaranteed to enjoy it. I hope you give this amazing book a try.


Adventurers Wanted: Slathbog’s Gold


   Alexander Taylor is an orphan who lives with his uncle’s family and has a fairly normal life. One day after work Alexander finds a sign on a bookshop that reads: “Adventurers Wanted. Apply Within.” Alex finds the sign extremely peculiar, and goes inside the shop to investigate.

   After going to the shop Alex is quickly roped into going on an adventure by Mr.Clutter, the man who owns the shop. After meeting up with an elf named Arconn, and a dwarf named Thrang, Alex is readily accepted into the adventure as the eighth and final man. While Alex does not know anything about this new world, he can’t help but feel like it is home.

Alex meets up with other members of his group and finally gets to hear what the goal of this adventure his. His group’s quest is to kill the infamous dragon, Slathbog the Red, and take his gold. To Alex, killing a dragon seems nearly impossible with only 8 people, but this whole thing is technically impossible, so who is he to judge. Along the way Alex faces wraiths, and trolls, and many other magical creatures. Can Alex make it out this alive?


I would give this book and 8.5 out of 10. It is a thrilling and captivating book that manages  to take you from the real word and transport you to a land of magic and adventure. This book is the first in a series of five. The fifth book has not been released yet, but it should be published soon. I hope you give this book a chance, because it really is a whole nother world.





He’s been called a Jew, a Gypsy, Stoptheif, a filthy son of Abraham, Misha. He lives on the streets of Warsaw. He steals food from the ladies in extravagant fur coats, that carry bread in their hands. He is an orphan boy who believes in bread, and mothers, and angels. He is quick and lucky, but quite stupid and naive. Now, he’s been adopted by a group of Jews, hiding from the Nazis and their oppressive system, but he doesn’t understand anything. He is a boy who wants to be a Nazi. To him there would be no better thing in world than to have the tall, glorious shiny boots, and strut around as if he owned the world. Well, chocolates with a buttercream filling and a hazelnut heart are better.

The Jews are being marched to the ghetto, and he is going to follow. He has no desire to be a Nazi anymore. He is now a Jew, a filthy son of Abraham, less than dirt, and worth nothing to the rest of Warsaw. He is proud to be a Jew.  Everyday, He sees the dead bodies covered by newspapers that litter the streets of the ghetto, when it seems that they are invisible to everyone else. He will not give up on life, mainly because he hasn’t yet grasped the importance and horror of the situation he is currently in. He sneaks out of the ghetto every night, but doesn’t run.  After all, he has a family to come back to.

The trains are here and he instinctively knows something is not right. Why move when they’ve already been moved?  His instinct is very accurate.  The trains are a one way path to torture and death. He has to escape, and to do that he has to become a nobody all over again. He has one last chance to escape. It is now every man for himself. Can he make it?


I absolutely adore this book. It is charming, funny, while managing to capture the seriousness of the harm that World War 2 and the Holocaust caused to countless innocent people. I give the book and overall rating of 10.5 out of 10.  Jerry Spinelli did an amazing job a grasping all points of view of the people involved in the Holocaust whether that be victims or the Nazi. The book itself is an emotional roller coaster. There parts where you can’t decide between crying and laughing. It is an extremely good, and I would recommend taking a look at it to see what the Holocaust was really like. Even if the book is a fictional tale, it still has true facts about the workings of Holocaust, and the mark it left behind on those involved in it. I love this book, and if you read it I think that you will too.

Isabel of the Whales


Isabel is a plain old eleven-year-old girl that lives in Provincetown, MA. She believes that she is destined to accomplish something spectacular. It could be for saving the world, winning the lottery, or some other random thing. All she knows is that is someday in her life, her spectacular moment will come. Now, one thing you must know about Isabel is that she loves whales. Her love of them stems from her grandmother, who told her that whales were magical creatures, with powers unlike any other. That love of whales is probably where the trouble all starts.

When Isabel’s 5th grade class goes on a whale watch she is excited. She has been waiting for this for her whole life. On the trip something amazing happens: dozens of species of whales surround the boat. The whales begin to slam against the boat pushing Isabel overboard.When Isabel is falling underwater she is astonished that she can hear and understand what the whales are saying. They tell her that she is mermaid, and that she is the Chosen One. Isabel is destined to live among the whales long enough to change their lives in some way while teaching about the human world.

Isabel enjoys her time with the whales and learns a lot about herself, but she misses her family, friends, and her old life. Will Isabel ever return home, or is she destined to be a whale forever?


This book is great if your looking for a quick read. It is a short with adventure, humor, and a little bit of romance. I would probable give it a 6.5 out of 10. That is probably because it just as magical a plot as I would have preferred. There is a sequel to the book . I haven’t read it,  but I do plan too, in the recent future. Nevertheless, this book is an amazing story that has the ability to sweep you off your feet.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


The Dursleys were proud to say that they were perfectly normal people, and much better than everyone else. There is just one problem in their perfect little lives. Harry Potter. His parents died in a car crash, and since he was family, he was dumped on the Dursley’s doorstep, and they didn’t want him at all. Whenever Harry Potter was around weird things seemed to happen. Things that were not normal. Now,  whenever Harry had to go out with them, they treated Harry as an almost human being, but at home they made no move to hide their dislike of him.  He became their personal slave; doing the family’s cooking, cleaning, and any other work they demanded of him. On Harry Potter’s 11th birthday it all changed.

Hordes of owls were dropping letters into the Dursley household, and it seemed that Vernon and Petunia Dursley- the parents of Dudley Dursley, and adoptive parents of Harry Potter- knew exactly where they from. It also seemed that they were absolutely scared of who they were from, and what they meant. Now after some very stupid tactics to get away from the letters- that seemed to come wherever the Dursleys went- the contents of the letter were finally revealed, and in one of the strangest ways. The Dursleys and Harry were in some far-off island sleeping, when a giant of man stormed in, and demanded to know where Harry Potter was.  He introduced himself as Rubeus Hagrid, Gamekeeper at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he then proceeded to explain to Harry that he was a wizard, and that he and his parents are considered heroes in the wizarding world. When Harry tells Hagrid that his parents were normal, and died in a car crash Hagrid became outraged. Hagrid takes his anger out on the Dursleys. He gives Dudley a pig tail, and then gets angry at Vernon and Petunia for not telling the truth about the death of Harry’s parents; that they died heroically at the hands of the feared Lord Voldemort.

Soon Harry is swept into a world of magic. He becomes with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.  He also makes a couple enemies along the way. Namely Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape.  Harry faces cruel professors, unwanted fame, and exhilarating. Another thing he could possibly be facing is death, but the Boy- Who-Lived can get through it can’t he?


I love this book, and the Harry Potter series. It is probably one of my favorites in the whole universe. It goes beyond any scale you could ever set for it. It has magic, dreams, and a captivating plot. It takes you into a world that you wish that you could be a part of. A lot of people say “Oh, the first book is boring, I couldn’t get through it.” Don’t give up reading this series, because one book seems too boring. The series is absolutely amazing. You will fall in love with it and then one day join the HP Fandom on Pinterest or Tumblr (I did). Have fun readers!

Tuesdays at the Castle


There is a castle that changes something about itself every Tuesday. It is a magical castle, and is respected by those who reside in it. They are better know as the Glower Family. King Glower the 79th, Queen Celina, and their children Bran, Lilah, Rolf, and Celie live in Castle Glower and rule the kingdom. Their life has always been peaceful and happy, and really quite normal. Things can’t always be that way though. When it came time for the king and queen to leave and get their son Bran from the College of Wizardry it seemed like the day was going to go like any other, but when the Royal Carriage arrives in front of the palace it looks as if it has been attacked- and that isn’t far from the truth.

Only the sergeant has returned, and he has terrible news. He talks about how the group was attacked in a pass on the way back to the castle. There was dead bodies everywhere. All that was left was a part of the queen’s gown, and the king’s ring. The only assumption that was made was that Bran, the king and queen were dead. This shocks the children of Castle Glower. It seems that they have lost half their family in one fell swoop, but the children are hopeful. It feels like the castle is sending them signs that their parents are not.

When they try to show other officials in the castle no one will listen to them. After some investigating the kids find out that their father’s own council was committing treason in order to put an exiled prince who was power hungry on to the throne. Along with that other kingdoms have come to take an assessment of how strong everyone in Castle Glower is, and see if they are susceptible to any attacks.The kids of Castle Glower have a huge obstacle in front of them, can they defeat it and keep their beloved castle?


This book is a 10 out of 10. I never get tired of rereading it. Every single time I read it  just whisks me on an adventure with twists, turns, suspense, and laughter. This book is part of a series. I don;t know how long the author wants it to be considering she hasn’t released all of them. Each book in the series is named after the days of the week following Tuesday. If you haven’t read this series yet, you are missing out on an amazing read.

City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments


Clary (Clarissa) Fray thought she was perfectly normal. She thought she had a perfect life. Great best friend, headed to an amazing summer art camp. Perfect. Then it all changed. One day when Clary goes to a club she sees two guys a following another couple. One of the guys she saw was carrying a knife. When Clary  tries to point out the boys two Simon( her best friend), he says that there is no one there. Clary chases after them and watches kill an inncoent boy with fangs. She jumps out of her hiding place and reprimands them. The two boys and the girl who was with the now dead boy look at Clary like she’s some crazy new experiment. Then one of the boys, who introduced himself as Jace-he was really hot-starts telling her she has ” the sight” and what not. Weird, right?

A couple days later Clary sees the same boy from the club standing outside a coffee shop. She goes outside to confront him. She wants answers to whatever happened at the club. He starts telling her about demons, monsters, vampires, werewolves, warlocks, and faeries. She just thinks he’s talking crazy. He then talks about how he is a Shadowhunter. Shadowhunters are the people who save the human world from monsters.

Soon Clary is swept up into the Shadowhunter world when her mom is attacked by her real father. A man named  Valentine Morgenstern. He was a psychopathic Shadowhunter who was a mass murderer. Everyone thought he was dead, but he faked his own death , and is now deciding to make a comeback. Now Clary has to defeat him in order to get her life back, and to save the world. Also one last thing, she is falling in love with Jace. Things couldn’t get any better.

With Clary’s life spinning out of control, and more challenges coming, can she survive?


This is seriously one of favorite book series. I would give at 11 out of 10. It is just that amazing. It has adventure, mystery, and comedy. I can guarantee this book will make you cry, laugh, and die. You will fall in love with all the characters. I did too. There is a prequel and sequel to these books. The sequel to it is incomplete. There are actually two prequels. Only one is done. The other is in progress. They too will leave you feeling hollow and happy.  I seriously hope you read these books. If you don’t, then you are missing out a great opportunity.

P.S. I know have not published for a long time. I was really busy with school and totally forgot I had a book blog. I finally had enough free time to write this blog. I hope you can
forgive my forgetfulness.